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Here is a list of all certificated server hosts which support IV:MP. It contains a little information about each host, but remember to check their website before buying a server! This list may not be accurate.


Some codes have been created to help keep the table smaller

Operating Systems / OS Other Codes
  • Win2003 = Windows Server 2003
  • Win2008 = Windows Server 2008
  • CentOS = Linux CentOS
  • Debian = Linux Debian
  • Ubuntu = Linux Ubuntu
  • Linux = Generic Linux (unknown distribution)
  • Ask = Contact the host through one of their support methods
  • MySQL = MySQL database
  • TS = TeamSpeak
  • Vent = Ventrilo
  • Web = Free webhosting
  • Minutes = Setup time is within minutes
  • Instant = Setup time is instant (setup is automatic)
  • Live = Live chat on the hosters website


You can use the XE Currency Converter to convert between currencies

Host Price per Slot Minimum Slots Private IP Locations OS Control Panel Auto Restart Setup Fee Setup Time Support Demo Server Free Extras
ByServ 0.30 EUR 8 Yes DE Debian/Ubuntu Yes WIP(Work in progress..) Free Instant E-Mail, Ticket, Forum, Livechat, Skype, Phone None MySQL, FTP, Webconsole, Servergraphics(charts, work in progress), Versionselecter, Fast Download Server(1 GBit), SSD(serverlocated on SSD)
Games-Host (FR) 0.20 EUR 5 No FR Debian Squeeze (6.0) Yes Yes Free Instant E-Mail, Ticket, MSN, Skype None FTP, Automatic Version Installer, Stats, Config Debugger
NetShoot 0.75PLN 4 Ask Poland, Germany Linux Debian 6 Yes Yes Free Instant Email, HelpDesk, Phone MySQL, FTP, Fast Download Server
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