Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer


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No it's not a dream, it really exists !


Are you kidding me ?


How the fuck can I play GTA IV Multiplayer ?


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GTA IV:MPIVMP 0.1 T3 Client


IV:MP is a modification for the game Grand Theft Auto: IV that adds an alternative multiplayer which features online play with various custom modes.

This document answers to FAQ:

GTA IV:MP How do I install this mod ?

- Install Grand Theft Auto IV

- Install GTA IV Patch

- Install IV:MP Client

- Connect to a server

GTA IV:MP Which client should I install ?

Official release was ivmp 0.1 RC2 but it was unstable, unplayable, nobody used it.

Following release, ivmp 0.1 RC3 was unfortunately abandonned. Developers decided to recode all from zero... then FAILED.

ONLY ivmp 0.1 T3 IS STABLE AND PLAYABLE, this is the client you need to play !

GTA IV:MP Where can I find a STABLE (ivmp 0.1 T3) server IP ?

Here a online and stable server on which you can connect with the "stable" T3 client:



Pigeon GTA

Nico Bellic

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